• Scott Brown

Tire Rotation Questions, How to, and Why.

Have you ever looked at your tires and thought, why do these things not last longer? Do you have some weird ware on the front tires? Front tires needing to be replaced. Maybe you’re just not getting the life out of the front tires that you think you should.

Checking your tires Air pressure is a vital role in the longevity of tires. Also comparably important is rotating your tires. In the video we uploaded last week Jeremiah and I do our best to explain why it is a good practice to rotate your tires. We go over what can be done while rotating your tires. It’s not always just getting a small job process done. With the process of rotating your tires you can do some preventative maintenance inspections too.

Make sure to take a look at the video we posted. Hopefully Jeremiah has some of the same questions that you have about your tires and or tire rotations. If you have anymore questions that are not answered in this video please feel free to shoot me a message on the comment section while you’re watching the video.

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