• Scott Brown

GM 4L60-E Shift Solenoid Check / Diagnosing

The GM 4L60-E transmission is a very popular transmission and could possibly be argued that it is the most commonly used transmission in GM vehicles. The E from 4L60 E stands for electronic. Electronic for the shift solenoid. An older models they are just a 4L 60 E transmission is when they converted to the electronics shipped so annoyed they added on the E to the name.

Many problems that can occur with these transmissions. The hard part of figuring out what is actually wrong with your transmission is getting down to a proper diagnosis. With this video you are about to watch a quickly and conveniently test the shift solenoids.

Wile you are watching you will notice that I do too convenient tests. I always recommend completing both tests prior to replacing the solenoids. If the solenoids feel the resistance test, I always do the applied power test just in case.

The hard part to this diagnosis is actually getting access to the solenoids them self. And really that part is kind of easy to. All you need to do to gain access is drain the transmission fluid and then drop the transmission pan. Your shift solenoids are right there.

If this video helps you out please make sure you comment in the comments selection on the video of what the year make and model of your vehicle was that this video help you diagnose. If you come up with any more questions while you’re watching this video in the same section please ask her questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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