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Dodge Ram Fuel Pump Assembly Replacement

The other day my sister called me complaining that her vehicle would not start anymore. Interesting though her vehicle is a 2004 Dodge Ram 4.7 L with an extended cab and a regular bed. . From the complaint and what she was complaining about I told her that she should spray some starting fluid or brake cleaner into the intake system while someone's tries to start the vehicle and see what happens. She took Extreme Caution and did so. Come to find out the engine started up as soon as she started spraying brake clean into the intake while someone cranked the engine. . After gaining access to the fuel pump assembly I was able to remove the connection at the fuel pump assembly. What's my Power Probe I tested the prongs on the female side of the connection.

With key off all had ground. While having someone turn the key into the on position in which the fuel pump should turn on at that time I watched for continuity at the connection with my Power Probe (Ebay: https://ebay.to/2mCmitn Amazon: https://amzn.to/2mNriLI).

As soon as the key was turned to the on position my Power Probe since B+ power at the connection. That right there insured in my mind that this fuel pump assembly was not working properly. But of course without testing the fuel pump assembly I could have been wrong but it was a shot in the dark from that point forward. To me that's pretty good odds.

After finding a helper. Remove the 6 bolts that hold the bed in place on the chassis.

You're going to need a little bit of umpff on this. All the bolts in my bed or 18 mm (buy socket: Ebay: https://ebay.to/2AfUIvSAmazon: https://amzn.to/2LPBMZ8). I would highly recommend that you use a 6 point socket while removing these bolts. I use a half inch socket wrench. After removing all six bolts. . Install longer in length half inch bolts on all passenger side. Bolt holes. . These longer bolts will allow the bed to stay in place while it is pivoted on its passenger side.

After you have the three retaining bolts installed on the passenger side and tight. Return to the driver side and Remove the Filler neck hose and the breather hose to the filler neck.

lift the bed, install a 2x4 or two at a time. Left the bed carefully and insert the blocks. Go to the passenger side and do the same thing, lift the bed insert blocks. Return back to the driver's side and lift the bed as much as needed. Be careful not to break the bolts on the passenger side.

With the bed is propped up and safely secure as much as possible. Go ahead and gain access to the fuel pump. You might want to clean up the area around the fuel pump that you'll be working in with some compressed air. Can all the debris off the fuel tank as much as possible just so nothing falls in the tank when you remove the fuel pump. . Go ahead and remove the electrical connection from the fuel pump itself. Tab on the connection that you must slide to the side and then push down on the clasp that locks on the fuel pump.

This one was a pain in the butt and was actually melted a little bit onto the fuel pump assembly itself so I had to break it off. Check back soon to see a video on how to replace the pigtail on the fuel pump assembly as well. Remove the hose that's going from the fuel pump assembly up to the fuel injection system. Is removed very simply by pushing on the red tab on the top of the hose pushing in on the hose and pulling back on the hose, it will slide right off.

After everything is disconnected in your area is all clean up you can go ahead and get ready to remove the fuel pump. I use some half inch angle iron to remove the fuel pump. If you watch the video you can see how easily the fuel pump retaining ring pops right off. In the video it looks really easy. After banging on the fuel pump retaining ring for a while on the locking tabs. I could not get it to turn at all. After taking a closer look I noticed some notches on the outer ring of the locking ring.

Slid the 1/2" angle iron in there and three wacks later the fuel pump assembly retainer popped right off. Actually had to reinstall it to make it for the video. It was so easy!

With the retaining ring off, remove it and set aside. You will be using this to reinstall the fuel pump assembly. . Now you're ready to remove the fuel pump. To remove the fuel pump you have to pull directly up on the fuel pump assembly. You will not be able to get the fuel pump assembly out of the fuel tank at any angle.

After removing the fuel pump assembly. . Retrieve the fuel pump that you have purchases to replace the your existing fuel pump. If you need to purchase a fuel pump go ahead and take a look at these links to buy one. (Ebay: https://ebay.to/2vcfhmV Amazon: https://amzn.to/2LWYs6A).

Now that you have both fuel pumps out and side by side, make sure that they match exactly as the one you took out. Now that they are mached up don't get in too much of a hurry to install this new one. You need to do your best to clean up at the old surface area where the fuel pump assembly met the fuel tank. You do have a gasket right there. That area needs to be clean too. You do not want to get any dust or dirt or any debris under the gasket. If you do that could cause an EVAP leak and that will become one huge pain in the butt to figure out where the leak is after you've installed the fuel pump and bed.

Once the seal area free of any debris go ahead and set 'O' ring down that comes with your fuel pump assembly. If you need to use something to hold . The O-ring in place while you're installed a new fuel pump assembly you can use petroleum jelly.

Now you are ready to install the new fuel pump assembly. Make sure you take off all the packaging prior to installation. While installing a new fuel pump assembly make sure you leave the dust cap at that comes on the new fuel pump that is on the hose connection for the fuel pump to the fuel injection system. It Is important to not get any dust or debris into the fuel system.

Grab your new fuel . Pump assembly. The inner ring that is setting inside the fuel tank about an inch on the fuel of assembly, I would apply very lightly some petroleum jelly. Whith the petroleum jelly lightly applied to the fuel pump assembly set the fuel pump directly vertically into the fuel tank. If you remember how your fuel pump with setting when you removed it it should insert into the fuel tank very easily in the same position.

After you get the fuel pump set into the fuel tank go ahead and lightly push down on the fuel pump assembly a couple times. Fuel pump is spring loaded so that it could fit a variety of fuel tanks. I usually exercise The Springs in the fuel pump assembly to ensure the fuel pump assembly is seated properly in the fuel tank. After doing so, go ahead and set the fuel pump assembly retainer on top of the fuel pump assembly. How I did it was push down with my left hand on the fuel pump and then turn the fuel pump retainer. With my right hand. You should be able to get the retainer hands height with the lip of the clips on the retainer set under the walking clips.

Once you get them started go ahead and get the angle iron you use to remove the retaining clip. I mean Ring. Use a rubber mallet or a dead blow hammer to hit the angle iron on the outer notches on the fuel pump assembly retainer. You're not to Vertical on the angle when you hit the fuel pump retaining ring. If need be use some WD-40 or some spray lube as such to lube up the retaining ring when you install.

In my opinion you have now reached the downhill slope in this DIY fuel pump assembly replacement on this 2004 Dodge Ram. . Now you can connect electrical connection to the fuel pump assembly. Remove the dust cover on the connection for the hose at feeding of the fuel injection system.

Now that you have the fuel pump assembly connected electronically and by the hose feeding the fuel injection system connected. Turn the key to the on position a couple times to let the fuel system Prime. Start the vehicle and hopefully it should start at this time. If it doesn't go ahead and start the reinstallation process of the fuel filler neck. As well as the bed itself.


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