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What does a EGR valve do?

EGR valves are placed on vehicles to reduce nox. Also to increase gas mileage. If your EGR valve is defective or not working properly it can affect the emissions greatly. Defective EGR valve cause high nox which is the most polluting pollutant coming out of a vehicle being driven on the road. Some systems such as the Ford systems include more than just the EGR valve in the EGR system. Ford uses a system that has a DPFE sensor to ensure the EGR valve is working as well as a vacuum switching valve that the computer uses to engage vacuum to the EGR valve. Even though some EGR systems are complex. They all are basically the same system that we have been using since the mid 80s maybe early 70s. They're on a vehicle for efficiency too. Do you need a EGR valved replaced? Buy one here, Make sure to input vehicle data: https://ebay.to/2Le1183

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