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What does Oxygen Sensor & Lambda Sensors do?

Oxygen sensors for put on vehicles starting in the mid-80s. Originally put on it to measure the hydrocarbons coming from the combustion chamber into the exhaust. Oxygen sensors would send that measurement to the computer so the computer would know how much fuel to add or take away in the injector during the fuel delivery process. . Mid-nineties when the OBD2 system came along we added oxygen sensors to the post catalytic converter exhaust system. These oxygen sensors were only to measure the efficiency of the catalytic converter. Sisters do not affect air fuel delivery or they shouldn't. If you have a poor acting oxygen sensor such as a stuck lean or stuck rich oxygen sensor or maybe what's called a retarded oxygen sensor which is measuring the switching slowly. Oxygen sensor should be replaced as a regular maintenance item. Say every 80k-100k Miles. . That is a tad bit excessive but it is a pretty good insurance plan on your fuel delivery system.

Now with the newer Vehicles your vehicle might be equipped with a air to fuel ratio sensor or also known as a Lambda sensor. New sensors can measure the exhaust much more than the old style oxygen sensors. . Lambda sensors can tell the computer was much more accuracy how much are and or fuel is in the exhaust system rather than just the how much hydro carbons are contained in the exhaust system. . From experience of replacing oxygen sensors and Lambda sensors in the recent past I have noticed that many of the air to fuel ratio sensors or Lambda sensors have a green wire on them.

Most Lambda sensors and Oxygen sensors have a 22 mm nut base.

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